Happy Cow Ltd believes that success depends on the supply of high quality products that meet or exceed customer and consumer expectations of premium brand products. Our primary concern therefore is that the products we sell are manufactured to the very highest standards using quality raw materials and best practices at the very minimum.

To ensure best practice, Happy Cow Ltd has adopted ISO 22000:2018 standard as the basis of Food Safety Management System, exceeding local relevant legislation and approved code of practice. We have developed a common minimum operating standard and set of behaviours which will be practiced at every level of operation.

We will regularly measure compliance against these standards and implement performance objectives to assure our clients and customers that we are providing products which are safe for human consumption while meeting their quality expectations.


Happy Cow Ltd. is committed to ensuring quality, professional and ethical practices, continuous improvement of the management system and efficiency in offering customer service as required by ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

Personnel are trained on all quality management system documents and are accountable to the operations best practice when implementing the company’s policies and procedures.

Happy Cow Ltd. offers the best testing services that are accurate and timely which continuously meets and exceeds customer expectations.

These are achieved through engagement of competent personnel; accurate and timely delivery of service; use of appropriate testing equipment; and effective implementation of the quality system.

Quality Standards

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